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The Hobbit-movie survey: Interpretation

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Interpretation of the results of the first Hobbit-movie-survey, 25. Oct 2001 - 18. Oct 2002:

The first survey on the Hobbit movie is finished. The (non-representative) poll was made in English and in German, with questions as equal as possible.

On the results the following can be said:
The production of a Hobbit-movie following immediately the Lord of the Rings is widely expected. Only a small minority thinks that it would take a longer amount of time (like at Star Wars Episode 6 and 1). Most people disbelief that The Hobbit wouldn't be made into a movie.
The only point where the English and the German poll differed was the question for the preferred movie title. For a long time the book 'The Hobbit' was in Germany only available as 'The little Hobbit', therefore this title was included in the German survey. But 'The Hobbit' is favorite in both surveys, in the German followed by 'The little Hobbit. Surprisingly popular is the subtitle 'There and back again'.
Most striking is the result on the question which scene of the book could be omitted in the movie. More than three fourth of the participants wished a complete adaption of the book without shortenings. Rivendell and the Wood-Elves most people won't miss.
A big majority seems to be satisfied with the job Peter Jackson has done this far and wants him to make the Hobbit movie, too.
Many see the Hobbit in repeating the success of the Lord of the Rings movies, whereas here is much sceptic, too. The book The Lord of the Rings has sold more as twice than The Hobbit and is much more known, therefore there are still doubts if The Hobbit can compete here.
At the question which movie will be the best, the field is very close except for one: the third Lord of the Rings movie will be the most dramatic and the highlight of the story, so it's the most looked forward.

Many thanks to all participants of the survey.


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