March 16. - April 24. TA 2941: Gandalf visits Thorin in the Blue Mountains and they make a plan. Gandalf goes to the Shire and decides to send a Hobbit along with the Dwarves. He arranges the meeting of Bilbo and the Dwarves.   (Dates from the Atlas of Middle-Earth)
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Although not mentioned in The Hobbit by name, Thranduil plays an important role there. He is the king of the Wood-elves that imprisoned the Dwarves. And apart from that he is the father of Legolas.
He has been king of the Wood-elves for nearly 3000 years, since his father Oropher didn't survive the war of the Last Alliance. Some 2000 years ago he had to fly with his people north, for Sauron, the Necromancer, settled in the south of Mirkwood.
Thranduils dislike for the Dwarves evolves from a much earlier occurrence in Doriath, from where Thranduil came in origin (cf The Silmarillion).

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