March 16. - April 24. TA 2941: Gandalf visits Thorin in the Blue Mountains and they make a plan. Gandalf goes to the Shire and decides to send a Hobbit along with the Dwarves. He arranges the meeting of Bilbo and the Dwarves.   (Dates from the Atlas of Middle-Earth)
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Thorin II was the grandchild and heir of the dwarf-king or Erebor, Thror. But Erebor has been destroyed and occupied in Thorin's youth by the dragon Smaug. Thorin escaped only by chance - he wasn't at home. His father Thrain II escaped through a secret door.
For many years Thorin lived in exile, in Dunland and in the Blue Mountains, always thinking of vengeance on Smaug and the reestablishment of the kingdom. But to the realisation of the plan it came not until much later. Thorin was now the head of his people, when he met Gandalf and told him of his situation. Gandalf organized the quest for Erebor and gave Thorin a burglar on his side: Bilbo Baggins.

Die Zwerge und Bilbo
Thorin standing.

Image courtesy of DartGarry

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