July 2. - 15. TA 2941: The company is on its way to the Misty Mountains.   (Dates from the Atlas of Middle-Earth)
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Gollum is a strange creature with an unusual story. A long time ago there lived at the mouth of the Gladden in the Anduin a people living from fishing, human-like but of smaller size, the ancestors of Hobbits. Some day the two friends Deagol and Smeagol went fishing. Deagol catched a large fish, but that draw him out of the boat and into the water. On the ground of the river he saw something glittering and gripped for it. Getting up again he saw a golden ring in his hand. Smeagol watching him wanted to have the ring for his own and strangled Deagol.
Smeagols character changed immediately and he was called Gollum. Finally he was driven out of his village and went deep into the Misty Mountains to a dark cave, where on its end was a little lake. There he stayed for nearly 500 years while the ring gave him strange skills, made his life longer and could make him invisible, but also took completely possession of him. But one day he lost the ring, just as a certain Bilbo Baggins got lost in the Misty Mountains, came in Gollums cave and found the ring.

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