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Peter Jackson hopes for a settlement of the legal rows between Sony and Time Warner.
Article in the Rolling Stone magazine, look at the lower third of that page.

Alan Lee said he's pretty sure that in three-four years' time the Hobbit movie is going to be made.
Article on badtaste.it.

Alan Lee, one designer of the Lord of the Rings movies, says that the issue of the Hobbit movie is "when" and not "if". More on the Houghton Mifflin Discussion Forums.

A fan made copy of a Hobbit screenplay has been sent to Peter Jackson.
It can be viewed at the forum by theonering.com.

Dissonance between Peter Jackson and New Line
Jackson is suing New Line, because he thinks that he has been denied about $100 million from the DVDs sale. As a result this could mean that Jackson wouldn't produce The Hobbit.
Article on FOXNews

Another 4 years to wait?
In an interview Peter Jackson said that it will be up to four years before he starts work on a film version of The Hobbit. It would be a lot of work for the lawyers until then, to solve the legal problems.
Article on BBC News

Props from The Lord of the Rings have been lovingly stored away for The Hobbit movie, as Richard Taylor from Weta said.
News from 2/28 by theonering.net

High voltage for Hobbiton?
Matamata, the location for the Hobbiton set, was chosen because the landscape is nearly untouched by humans. Now a 400kV line strung on pylons could be erected. And that's not what one would expect in Hobbiton in a Hobbit movie.
Article in the New Zealand Herald

John Noble, actor of Denethor, mentioned The Hobbit movie in an interview, but has no new informations on it.
Article on www.badtaste.it

The next movie directed by Peter Jackson after 'King Kong' will be 'The Lovely Bones'.
This was confirmed by him and Philippa Boyens. So it's another waiting loop for The Hobbit.
However, the main problem is still the legal situation. And why shouldn't Peter Jackson make other movies, until Sony and Time Warner have settled an agreement? Insofar this isn't a reason to worry for Hobbit fans.
Article on AICN >

In Switzerland a Lord of the Rings parody will start in the cinemas at December 16: The Ringthing
If you don't speak German just watch the trailer.

The actors from The Lord of the Rings would love to return for a Hobbit movie.
Billy Boyd, who played Pippin said so. He wants to play a role relative to Pippin. Unfortunately there is no such role in the book The Hobbit, so this character would have to be created for the movie.
Article on Ananova >

Time Warner won't purchase Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Sony has made the deal.
So the legal rows about The Hobbit movie will continue, which will cause at least a delay again. Hopefully talks about that haven't been stopped.
Article on comingsoon.net >

The fan trailer by Lathamfilms for The Hobbit wasn't accessible for some time. Now here is a link that works: Hobbit Fan Trailer
Once again: this isn't an official trailer!

It looks like Time Warner and New Line Cinema are about to purchase MGM, with the consequence, that the rights on The Hobbit would be in one hand. So a big obstacle for The Hobbit movie would simply disappear.
Peter Jackson has confirmed his interest again.
Article on comingsoon.net >

Here you can now order Lord of the Rings Posters.

The Peter Jackson Fanclub wants to know in its current poll (on its site, upper right corner), which movie PJ should make next. Guess which one is leading.
Continue >

Maybe Peter Jackson will direct another movie after King Kong before The Hobbit. There are talks about 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold.
Article on comingsoon.net >

New here: The Hobbit Picture Gallery

Not really news, but Peter Jackson says, due to the legal rows between New Line and MGM it may take some time to make The Hobbit movie.
Article on rte.ie >

Q&A with Peter Jackson - by someone who was there:
'I was privileged enough to attend a showing of RoTK at the Director's Guild, where Peter Jackson attended a Q&A session. I met him afterwards, and had time to ask him only ONE question. Here's what I chose: "Would Andy Serkis and Hugo Weaving also be willing to return to their roles for THE HOBBIT?" Jackson's answer was "Oh, I guess they would...(after thinking)...I'm SURE they would."'
(Andy Serkis played Gollum, Hugo Weaving Elrond)

Two articles deal with the problems of the legal situation of The Hobbit movie. No new facts, but both interesting to read:
Article on Alameda Times-Star >
Article on NJ.com >

Ian McKellen confirms the legal difficulties in making The Hobbit and says, once it is sorted Peter Jackson does want to make it, and that he very much wants to play Gandalf the Grey again.
Article on Ananova >

An interesting article, how the Hobbit could be turned into a movie: More >

Here is the end result of the second Hobbit-movie survey >

Difficulties with the rights on The Hobbit?
Legal entanglements between New Line and United Artists/MGM could prove as a barrier for the movie.
Article on AICN >

Fans opinions
What do Tolkien fans think of the Lord of the Rings movies and their continuity with The Hobbit?
Here is one opinion >
And an answer to it >

Arwen in The Hobbit?
In an interview at the European premiere of The Return of the King in Berlin, Peter Jackson confirmed his interest in directing The Hobbit. He said, Arwen could feature again there.
Article from itv.com >

Things are looking good for The Hobbit movie:
"The Lord of the Rings" executive producer Mark Ordesky hinted that there may also be a movie based on Tolkien's novel, The Hobbit. "There could be a movie about the Hobbit. Enough said."
Jackson said New Line Cinema had yet to speak to him about The Hobbit and said there were some difficulties related to the rights for the book. "But certainly if they want to talk to me about it I'd be keen. It would be wonderful to complete the set of films."
Article from comingsoon.net >

Elijah Wood talked about The Hobbit:
Then there's The Hobbit, Tolkien's prequel to the Rings adventures. Wood says that while the crews in New Zealand are up for it, Jackson initially said no because he had already invested a large part of his life in the trilogy.

"At this point, Peter's now considering it because I think he just doesn't want anyone else to do it. If it's done, he knows and I think everybody else knows, that the only way to do it is to continue it in New Zealand with the same artists so that it has some sort of visual continuity to these films. So, you never know."
Article from CJAD 800 >

An article on xenite.org resumes the known facts on The Hobbit movie. More >

An article on theonering.net deals with The Hobbit movie. More >

Ian McKellen was asked about a The Hobbit fan made trailer (see notice from 3/9/2003)
Complete article from 8/2/2003 >

In an interview with the Lord of the Rings Movie Fanclub confirmed Peter Jackson again that he is interested in directing The Hobbit, but New Line hasn't asked him so far.

In "An Audience with Sir Ian McKellen" on 5th of May the actor of Gandalf talked again about The Hobbit movie.
More >

The next movie directed by Peter Jackson won't be 'The Hobbit', but 'King Kong'.
More >

A fan has made a teaser trailer for The Hobbit movie, of course nonofficial, but worth seeing. 19.3 MB.
More >

Ian McKellen wants to play Gandalf again in 'The Hobbit' and has his own ideas for the prequel:
If fans can't get enough of the old wizard, neither can McKellen, who refuses to accept that the part ends with the trilogy's final installment. He has a grand idea for the prequel: "I want to play Gandalf again, in The Hobbit. I've asked Peter Jackson if he'll produce the prequel as a huge, yearlong television series. All those different strands to the story seem perfect for TV, and we'd do every scene of it. It could be marvelous."
Article of the Time Europe Magazine >

Again Peter Jackson talked in an interview about The Hobbit:
He denied rumours that he wouldn't direct The Hobbit. Part of him would love to see how somebody else would make it, but it would feel odd for him. Nobody has asked him yet, but if they did he would seriously consider to direct The Hobbit.
The complete interview >

Peter Jackson said in an interview that he wouldn't make The Hobbit immediately after The Lord of the Rings, but maybe to a later time.
Article of the Chicago Sun Times >

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